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People Going Global has a series of country-specific programs. We work with global expatriates and their families who come to work and live in the United States.

The objective of this dynamic multi-media workshop is to develop a cross-cultural skill set for improving daily communications with your US American counterparts in face-to-face and long-distance contexts.

You will learn practical communication tools and develop a list of effective interpersonal strategies to develop effective communication with the focus on business and social etiquette, attitudes towards time, negotiating practices, relationship building, leadership, motivation and teambuilding.

If you are already asking any of these questions, then intercultural management training will benefit your team:
  • What motivates your US counterparts?
  • What is an "elevator pitch" and why is it important?
  • What are the constructive and mutually beneficial ways of dealing with "Just Do It" attitude
  • What are the constructive ways of recognizing assertive behaviors and responding appropriately?
  • Was it something I said!

Intercultural management training for every sized company.

Our customized workshops employ film clips, dilemma solutions and case studies from your work context. Over the past 12 years we have conducted training on the US for international travelers from South America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

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