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People Going Global has a series of country-specific programs. “The Dual Perspective: USA – Japan” is just one example of our wide selection of tailor-made courses.

The objective of this dynamic multi-media workshop is to develop a cross-cultural skill set for improving daily communications with your Japanese counterparts in face-to-face and long-distance contexts.

You will learn practical communication tools and develop a list of effective interpersonal strategies to develop effective communication between the Japanese and US business cultures with the focus on business and social etiquette, attitudes towards time, negotiating practices, relationship building, leadership, motivation and teambuilding.

It may surprise you to know that the challenges you face are not unique to your team and the offshore group. Simple misunderstandings over the importance of deadlines and relationship building are exaggerated not only by distance and time zone; they are also rooted in the core values of our different societies. Developing an understanding of the core values through cross cultural training helps to deflect problems before they grow into project-defeating disasters.

Cross cultural training that fits into your busy schedule.

People Going Global specializes in customized business training. We have trained hundreds of Japanese and US nationals to work more effectively together as engineering, customer service, IT and management teams. We provide short 4-hour overviews, 8-hour and 16 hour workshops as well as one-on-one briefings for senior executives.

If you are already asking any of these questions, then intercultural management training will benefit your team:
  • What is ringi seido and how is it going to impact decision making?
  • What are the efficient ways of recognizing and politely addressing the dilemma of “yes or no” during negotiations?
  • How much importance should we attach to hierarchy , even in the social setting?
  • What are the realities of business “after hours” and tatemae and honne?
  • Was it something I said?!

Intercultural management training for every sized company.

People Going Global is based in Washington DC and is a leading provider of cross cultural management training to both small and large US and European companies working with the Japanese.

Some of our cross cultural training projects:

Intercultural business training for a Japanese computer manufacturer's headquarters in Los Angeles.

Training Japanese managers working in the USA to conform to local expectations.

Training US employees to adjust to Japanese corporate culture when working for a subsidiary.

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